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Non-Posting Managers: Navigating the Applicant Record

There are several handy features you can find from within the applicant record on HireCentric. It is easy to identify other jobs for which the applicant has applied within your company and his/her current status.

From the applicant record you can archive, unarchive, change the application status, or copy the applicant to an alternate job listing.

Some features may not be available to you based on how your administrator has set up your account. Please inquire with your administrator at your company if there is a feature you do not have. The applicant record also provides the details of an applicant's employment history, education, resume, references, answers to the job specific questions, and the standard application questions. Users also have access to a Notes and History Tab for additional information. Action icons and integration availability increase the overall abilities of the system. 

Some of the integration options include OnboardCentric onboarding software and Proscreening Background checks. Any integrations with HireCentric are available from the Integrations Tab on the applicant record. Contact ExactHire for more detailed information on available integrations.

The action icons will allow the user to perform various actions, such as viewing the status checklist (optional feature), calendar events, email the applicant's record to another user, spotlighting applicants, and printing the applicant record

The optional reference survey feature can be viewed under the References Tab

The Notes & History Tab will reveal specific notes from other HireCentric users, status history, files uploaded, and other details about the applicants record and email history.