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Notification Email Sent to Multiple Recipients

The "Notification Email" optional field is designed to automatically send an email to the User or Contact selected in the field each time an individual completes an application for the particular Job Listing.

If checked, the "Only Send Email if Met BQ" check box reduces the email notifications to the designated email address to only sending notifications of applicants who meet or exceed the basic qualifications established for this particular Job Listing (based on any disqualification filters you may have elected to use in the Job Questions and/or Additional Questions sections of your employment application).

The “Notification Email” field will allow you to select only one User or Contact from the drop down menu. However, in certain circumstances, you may find it necessary for more than one recipient to receive these notifications. To notify multiple recipients you must create a Group Contact and then select that Group Contact to be notified by selecting the group name in the “Notification Email” field of the Job Listing.

You will create a Group Contact on the Contacts Tab of the User Dashboard.
Click on the plus icon to add the new Contact.

  1. Create a Group Contact Name.
  2. Add the email addresses to the group in the pattern email address comma space email address, etc. Please note: you must use the pattern described in order for the Group Contact to function properly. Using any other type of pattern or separator (semicolon, return, etc.) will not allow the Group Contact to notify all email addresses in the group.
  3. Send/Receive Direction select “TO”.
  4. Click Add New.

Now that you have created the Group Contact you may assign that group to receive notification of applicants. This is done by selecting the Group Contact name in the Notification Email field of the Job Listing.