Administrative Permissions

OnboardCentric allows several levels of administrative access, including Full Administrator, Restricted Administrator, and Payroll.

Administrative rights can be assigned to a user profile any full administrator. 


Full administrators have full access and functionality throughout the platform. Full admins have the rights to access the VIEWS, ADMIN, & ROLES tabs within the user record. Full admins also have access to the full WORK WITH menu and can access additional features of OnboardCentric. 


Restricted administrators can only see the users within their VIEWS. The WORK WITH menu will only show the USERS option and the only users that will be accessible will be those employees that are within their VIEWS permissions. 


Payroll administrators will only have access to users within their VIEWS and will be able to see the payroll tab. The payroll tab is optional and not all clients have this feature. LEARN MORE ABOUT THE PAYROLL TAB.