Best Practice For Deactivating vs. Deleting a User

To manage the volume of active users in your OnboardCentric platform, the option exists to either Deactivate or Delete a user.


Select the Work With menu, then Users.

Locate the employee’s profile by searching for the employee’s name using the internal search bar.


Before deactivating or deleting users, it is important to do the following actions:

  • Remove any pending tasks assigned to the user who will be deleted or deactivated.
  • Reassign any pending administrative tasks assigned to the user who will be deleted or deactivated.
  • Remove any permissions in the Views, Admin, or Roles tab.
  • If utilizing E-Verify through OnboardCentric, close any open or pending cases related to this user prior to deleting or deactivating the user. 


Choose either to Deactivate User or Delete User by clicking the correct button below the user's profile. 


Deactivating a user will move the user’s profile to an Inactive Users List but still allows access the person’s profile at any time.

To retrieve the Deactivated profile, change the search criteria by clicking on the Search button located next to the internal search bar and selecting Inactive.

The deactivated user can be found by entering their name into the internal search bar either by Last Name or by Full Name. This option allows the Administrator to toggle between Active or Inactive.  Please reference the article OnboardCentric: Searching for Users for step by step instructions: 

Deleting a user will move the user’s profile to a Deleted Users List which is not accessible to Administrative Users.

*Please note that deleted users are not deleted permanently. To retrieve the deleted user’s profile, the Administrator must email the ExactHire Support Team at to request that the employee’s profile be un-deleted. The Administrator will be notified by the ExactHire Support Team when the employee profile is accessible in the Active Users List.