Data Listing > Roles per Form

Forms built in OnboardCentric can have multiple stages and signatures required.

The routing and processing of forms can be confusing, and it is easy to forget how a form was designed,  especially if you don’t use the form often or if you have internal turn-over. For these reasons, we have created a Data Listing called ‘Roles per Form’ to outline your forms and their routing process.

To run a Data Listing, any administrator can select that option from the ‘Work With’ menu on their Home screen.

From the Data Listing screen, select the Category of ‘Administrative’ and the Report of ‘Roles per Form’.

Once you click ‘Run Report’ the system will provide a preview list of the various forms, stages, and roles. To get a complete list you will need to download the CSV file by clicking the hyperlink in the bottom left-hand side of the screen.


Understanding the Data Listing

  • Forms with only one stage will always go to the role of ‘Self’ which is the new hire.
  • All other roles will match the specific roles for your company.
    • If you are interested in knowing who holds which ‘Roles’ in your company, you can run the Data Listing titled ‘Roles’ to see who is assigned which role(s).
  • When the stage shows ‘Hidden’ it means that the form will be sent to your new hire first in a bypass motion where the new hire will not see it.
    • Typically these forms need some information completed by an Admin to make sense for the new hire to complete as a secondary step.
  • Forms can be routed multiple times, example:
    • Hidden stage to attach the form to Sally New Hire - she will not see it yet.
    • Hiring Manager gets the form next and completes data entry of salary, etc.
    • The District Manager then approves the form.
    • Form is routed back to Sally New Hire for a signature.
    • Form is then shared with Payroll for processing.

If you have any additional questions about forms, roles, or how they are set up on your system, we are happy to assist.