Designing Packets

Designing packets for the OnboardCentric platform is easy and the packets can be adjusted as needed.

Any full administrator of the OnboardCentric platform can create, remove or edit packets for the entire company at anytime. Here are our best tips to help guide the packet designs that will put the magic into your OnboardCentric platform. 

Things to Think About First

  1. What paperwork should all new hires receive during the onboarding process?  
    • I-9, Federal W4, State W4
    • Direct Deposit Form
    • Standard Company Policies (Dress Code, Cellular Phone Usage, Company Property)
  2. What determines any additional paperwork that gets distributed?
    • Location (State, Facility, Store #)
    • Position (Executive, Sales, Drivers)
    • Employee Type (Full time, Part time, Temporary/ Seasonal)
    • Equipment (Company Phone/ Computer, Badge/ Key Fob/ Uniform, Parking Pass)
  3. Who needs to countersign, view, or take action based on any piece of paperwork in a packet?
    • Who will view the new hire's identification items and countersign the I-9s?
    • Will payroll need to review any paperwork to enter the new hire into the payroll system? 
    • Does IT need to special order anything or log equipment?

Having answers to these questions will help guide ExactHire to build the optimal platform for your company. All of our clients are unique so add anything that differentiates your company's needs to your notes. Feel free to download the OnboardCentric Design Worksheet on the bottom left-hand section of this article to get started building your new onboarding tool.