Document Locker

Every user within OnboardCentric has a Document Locker which serves as a repository for uploaded items. 

The Document Locker is visible to both the employee and to any administrative staff with access to that employee. 


As a default setting, the Document Locker is locked until the I-9 is completed by the new hire and countersigned by the hiring manager. This assists with compliance requiring supporting documentation of an I-9 to be physically viewed, rather than using a photocopy of an original. If this setting inhibits workflow, a Document Locker Waiver can be signed and the setting can be changed to allow access immediately after the account is activated. 


Both the employee and the administrative team can upload or download PDFs into the Document Locker. Administrative users can delete items from the Document Locker. 


Location of Document Locker

Administrative access is gained through the user profile, WORK WITH > USERS > Locate Employee. Navigate to the right side of the screen and click on the Document Locker tab: 

Employee access to the document locker is found within the MY ACCOUNT menu > Document Locker: 

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