Ensuring E-Verify Submission Success

For clients participating in the E-Verify program, OnboardCentric will pre-check all I-9 forms being approved for E-Verify requirements.  

This pre-check is designed to help our clients avoid unnecessary errors when submitting cases to E-Verify through our platform.  


If you receive an “E-Verify Error” message when approving an I-9 form within OnboardCentric, it is because the combined citizenship information provided by the new hire and the documentation recorded by you as the employer do not meet E-Verify case requirements.  This means that attempting to create an E-Verify case with the information provided will result in an error.  


Due to USCIS (U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services -- the government entity responsible for administering the E-Verify program) rules, ExactHire is prohibited from providing details of what combinations of citizenship status and documentation are acceptable for E-Verify purposes.  Because of these rules, if you are uncertain as to why the information recorded isn’t acceptable by E-Verify standards, please contact USCIS using one of the two options below:

Please note that USCIS hours of operation are Monday thru Friday from 8am - 8pm EST, except when the government is closed.  


If you choose to stop the I-9 approval process (this is done by selecting the “Cancel” button in the “E-Verify Error” message), you will be able to investigate what changes need to be made in order to ensure the final I-9 information meets E-Verify requirements.  If the changes needed only affect the information being recorded by you in the approval process, you will be able to make those changes immediately by selecting the I-9 countersign task for your new hire from your home page and re-starting the approval process.  Likewise, if the changes needed affect the citizenship status selected by your new hire, you may choose to delete the current I-9 form for your new hire and assign them a new one.  To take this step, please follow the steps below:

  • Select “Work With” > “Users” and select the new hire from the drop down list.  You may key in the first few letters of the new hire’s last name to more easily select them from the list.
  • On the right side of the page, you will see a list of the tasks not yet completed for the new hire. You can see the completed tasks by clicking the 'Show Completed' box. 
  • Select the I-9 form to be deleted so that it is highlighted.  Then select the “Delete” button to remove that task from their list.
  • Once the inaccurate I-9 form has been deleted, select the “Add” button to assign them a new I-9 form.  
  • Once the onscreen pop-up displays after selecting the “Add” button, click on the “Form” radio button in the pop-up area and select the “I9 (Eff July 17, 2017)” option.  You will be prompted to confirm the due date of the newly-assigned form and will then finalize the addition of the newly-assigned form by selecting the “Add” button at the bottom right side of the onscreen pop-up.

If you choose to move forward and complete the I-9 approval process without addressing this issue (this is done by selecting the “Continue” button in the “E-Verify Error” message), you will not be able to successfully submit a case to E-Verify for your new hire.