OnboardCentric Payroll is a feature that can be added to your platform to collect valuable payroll data for each new hire.

While OnboardCentric does not offer payroll services, the Payroll tab can facilitate in collecting payroll data that you can then upload or send to your payroll provider via a CSV file.

If you choose to add the Payroll tab to your platform, it will appear in the Work With> Users section for each employee. 

The field labels listed in the payroll tab cannot be customized, although you may choose to use the fields for anything you wish, due to their open structure. 

Payroll data can be gathered easily through a standard Data Listing available from the Work With> Data Listing tool. Under the ‘General’ category you can locate the Payroll Data report. The date range must be populated to gather data, and the system will pull user data based on the HIRE DATE from the Standard Tab on the Users record. 

The Data Listing  will provide the following data points in a CSV file: 

  • First Name
  • Middle Name
  • Last Name
  • Address
  • Date of Birth
  • Social Security Number
  • the data points from the Payroll Tab
  • all FlexField values assigned to the user

The system also allows for an alternative way to export payroll data, through the Work With> Import/Export> Data Export feature. To add the Payroll data points to the export, the box for ‘Payroll’ must be selected in the ‘Exportable Fields’ category. Additional details on performing a Data Export can be found in this tip sheet

Please contact to implement the Payroll feature.