Refresh Settings

When system changes are implemented it is important to clear your cache and cookies from your browser.

Depending on your computer and operating system, the steps to do this will vary. You should be able to easily search the internet for instructions that are specific to your device and software. 

In addition to these steps, it may be necessary to take additional action to reset the OnboardCentric platform and ensure that everything is working correctly. 

If you feel that OnboardCentric is not functioning as you expect it to, please try this process to ‘Refresh Settings’ in your platform. 

While signed into the platform you must adjust the URL in your search bar to end with /RefreshSettings . You must capitalize the R and S so that the URL looks exactly like the sample below. 


Although the URL results in the Not Found error seen above, rest assured that the necessary steps were taken and achieved to refresh the system. This allows for database changes to be pushed through so that OnboardCentric works with the most recent updates.