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Optional Edit Applicant Status Date Feature

You might be interested in an optional feature that allows certain users to edit the applicant status date for a specific item in the status history on an applicant record. This feature can be turned on for your portal by ExactHire Client Success.

Though your intentions might be good, sometimes it can be tough to stay on top of updating applicant status labels when processing a large number of qualified applicant records. As a result, when you do get around to updating an applicant's status to reflect the next stage of the hiring process (i.e. Phone Interview Completed, for example), it might not be the same day that the action took place. This can be problematic for your Time to Fill and Time to Hire reports.

Once the feature has been enabled, then you may choose which HireCentric users in your organization should have access. It is available to be turned on for all user levels and can be done in the Users dashboard by clicking on the magnifying glass icon next to the desired user. Then, click the check box next to "Can Edit Applicant Status Dates" at the bottom of the page and select "Update."

Please note that HR Admin-level users will be able to toggle this feature availability on/off for their own login, themselves.

Once it is on for certain users in your site, a pencil icon will appear next to various status dates within the "Application Status Updates" section of the "Notes & History" tab of an applicant record.

Click the pencil next to a date, then write in a new date and hit the "Update" button.