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Optional HR Data Surveys to Store Additional Applicant Information

HR Data Surveys allow ATS users to create custom internal surveys that can be used by many users to record additional information about a specific candidate - information that you may even wish to use to score or flag the candidate.

For example, build HR data surveys to record interview feedback from various employees involved in the hiring process; or, use surveys to create checklists for users' internal use. To enable this optional feature within your ATS portal, please contact ExactHire Client Success at support@exacthire.com and request that HR Data Surveys be enabled for your site. Indicate whether you wish for scoring and disqualification/flagging filters to be enabled on these surveys for your portal.

Once enabled, there will be a new "Surveys" tab in your Settings dashboard.

Select "HR Data Surveys" from the drop-down box, and then give your survey a name. Complete the remaining fields and select "update."
Your newly-created survey group will appear in the list on the page. Click the "show questions" link and then click the green plus sign box (the lower of the two on the page) to start adding questions to your newly created survey form.
A pop-up window will appear prompting you to enter the first question. Choose from question types such as small/large text boxes, multiple choice drop-down, checklist, option menu, and yes/no. With all types, excluding text boxes, you may even assign scoring and/or disqualification filters to the various answers so that all users who complete the survey will have answers that contribute to creating an HR data survey score for the candidate. Once finished with the first question, click the "Add New" button to save it, or click the "Add and Begin New Question" to save it and go right on into starting the next question for the survey.
Once you have added all of the questions, should you ever need to make edits to them, just click the magnifying glass next to the question in the Surveys tab of the Settings area.

Complete a Survey for an Applicant
Navigate to an applicant's record and click on the Notes & History tab. Scroll down to the bottom part of the page and click on the "Show" link next to "HR Data Surveys" to expand this section.
Then, click the green plus sign icon to complete a survey for this applicant. Check the type of survey you would like to complete from the drop-down box. NOTE: The survey options that appear will depend on which types you've already enabled in your Settings dashboard using the instructions from earlier in this document.
Next, answer the questions presented on the survey and hit the "Submit" button to save your answers.
Lastly, your saved survey will appear in the list along with any other surveys that have been completed by you or other users. If scoring and/or flagging filters were used during the survey setup, then the impact of users' survey answers will be evident in the "Score" and "Flagged?" columns. Also, an average score for the candidate across all surveys will be calculated at the bottom.
Reporting on HR Survey Data
If you wish to generate a report displaying data from fields related to HR Data Surveys, you may create a custom report using the Report Builder tool within the ATS. Once in Report Builder, scroll to the area in which HR Data Survey fields are presented and make your selections.
Once you have saved your custom report, you may run it at any time from within the Report Builder tab of the Reports dashboard. Here's an example of a custom report displaying survey question answers and scores:
You may export the report results to an external CSV file which may be opened and edited within a spreadsheet, as well as printed.

If you wish to print the results of the HR Data Survey along with other portions of an applicant's record, simply click the printer icon on an applicant's record.
Then, select the check box next to "HR Survey Results" from the option list before previewing your selections.