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Optional Job Categories

An additional classification can be created within the ATS to group job listings into different job categories.

The name of this category as well as its individual job category labels (for example, Not Required, in the image below), are visible to the user. You have the option of making this information available to the applicant as well. This information may be used in reports, but cannot be used as a means to sort job listings or to restrict user access.     v

If you are interested in implementing this optional feature, please contact support@exacthire.com, and indicate your preferred category name for the job category field in your site (i.e. security clearance, facility, branch, etc.). Once the job category feature has been enabled within your site you will then have the ability to add various job category labels by visiting the Classifications tab within the Settings Dashboard.

Click the plus icon to create a new item. Job Categories will be an option in the drop-down to identify the new item.

To assign one of your job category labels to a new or existing job template or job listing, find the custom Job Category field in the respective form and choose the appropriate option from the drop-down box.