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Orchestrate HR Integration

An integration between the ATS and Orchestrate HR is an available feature within your Applicant Tracking System. If you are interested in adding this feature please contact support@exacthire.com.

Once the integration with Orchestrate HR is added to the ATS users will find the tool to push the applicant information to Orchestrate HR on the Integration tab of the Applicant Record. Simply view the applicant record, click on the Integrations tab, and then click the EXPORT button.

A form will appear that allows additional applicant/new hire information to be entered prior to the push to Orchestrate HR. Information provided by the applicant in the application will auto-fill some of the fields. Other fields will need a response entered by the user performing the push. Fields labeled with an asterisk (*) are required. All other fields may be left blank. Once all required information is entered click SEND TO ORCHESTRATE HR and the applicant/new hire information will be exported to Orchestrate HR.

Confirmation information will appear on the Integrations Tab to report on the date the record was exported and who performed the export. Applicant/new hire information will now be found in Orchestrate HR.