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Post to Craigslist From HireCentric

Post to Craigslist from the HireCentric ATS on the Job Board Push page.

Once a Job Listing has been created, you can click on the Save & Push to Job Boards button or you can click on the Megaphone icon from the Job Listing page.

At the bottom of your Push to Job Boards page you will have several social media options. Click Craigslist.

A new window will pop-up with options for how you would like to post to Craigslist.

Select the appropriate option. Both options will show you step by step instructions on how to post to Craigslist. You will need to open a new window and go to Craigslist to follow these instructions. Do not close this “Post Your Job to Craigslist window” as you will need to copy information from it into the new window. 

Craigslist no longer allows links in their ads to connect directly to the web address. The HTML coding currently advises applicants to "go to the website below." If you would like to add alternate instructions to the listing, and need help with the HTML coding, please email support with the HTML coding from your ATS Craigslist window and the alternate instructions you want to use in your Craigslist ad. 

PLEASE NOTE:  Craigslist does have posting fees for certain metropolitan areas.  Craigslist will display those fees to you when you attempt to post a job listing following the steps above.