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Posting Job Links to Facebook

Posting job links to Facebook with custom image.

Your company is hiring and your employees are posting the link to the job listing on Facebook. That's great! Unless the image that Facebook pulls is making your company look a little less than professional and polished. Facebook simply scrapes the image they want from your page and it does not always look the way you might intend.

Don't worry! We can fix that for you! Just look at the difference we made for our own job links.​



All you need to do is send us a square image that you want to appear on your Facebook links.
- Ideally these images will be 600 x 600 pixels and of high quality. We can do minor adjustments for you if necessary.

Once we add some nifty HTML to your site, Facebook knows what image you want to show up on shared links. (Note: You may need to click the little arrows in the upper left hand corner of the image to choose the proper image.)

Would You Like to Use This Feature?
If this option sounds like a winner for your organization, email us the image you would like to see on Facebook links to your HireCentric site at support@exacthire.com, and we will be happy to make the update free of charge.