Predictive Index - Generate an API Key

Assessments through Predictive Index are available as an integration with the ExactHire ATS.

If you are interested in adding this feature, please contact ExactHire will connect you with the appropriate Predictive Index representative. 

Organizations using the API version of Predictive Index will need to have the integration created by the ExactHire Client Services team. Contact to request the addition of the integration and provide the Predictive Index API Key.

Use the steps below to generate the API Key for a user within your Predictive Index platform.

  1. Navigate to the Administration section and click on the User Management tab.
  2. Click on the name of the user you would like to generate an API Key for.

Note: You can only have 1 API Key active at a time, so if you already have one, generating a new one will deactivate the previously active one.

  1. Under the permissions section, click ‘Generate New Key’. You can then copy the key from the software.

Hit save changes at the bottom before closing out.

For additional information please reference the GET AN API KEY section of the Predictive Index Integration Guide: