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Predictive Index - URL Driven Version

For clients using the URL Driven version of Predictive Index (PI), here are the two options that exist to send the assessment to an applicant within your ATS.  

URL Driven PI flows in one direction so the applicant is redirected from your ATS to the Predictive Index site itself to complete the PI assessment.  Results are not viewable within your ATS; you must access an applicant’s results from your PI Administrator portal.

IMPORTANT:  You cannot mix options. In order for PI to work, either Option 1 must be chosen or either Option 2 must be selected.  Either you must select to have PI on all jobs for all applicants (Option 1), or you will need to select Option 2 to send PI to applicants at your preferred time in the application process.

Option 1:  Send Predictive Index assessment request to ALL applicants at the end of an application who apply for a particular job listing.

  • If this option is enabled, once the applicant lands “Thank You” page that states the application has been successfully submitted, the applicant is presented with a link to the PI assessment.  If the applicant clicks the blue Predictive Index button, the applicant is taken to the PI website. This process would occur for every application on every job listing and cannot be turned on or off for different job listings.
  • The applicant is also sent an email from Predictive Index.

Option 2:  Send URL link to Predictive Index assessment via HireCentric email template.

  • In an email template that you, as Administrator, create in HireCentric, include the URL provided by Predictive Index or ADVISA in the body of the email template. This option is very helpful if you want to send the PI assessment for certain positions and/or to certain applicants. If you are unsure how to create email templates within your ATS, this tip sheet will show you how.  ​

Please note:  PI only allows one assessment per applicant per company. Once an assessment has been sent to an applicant in a career site, then all applications by the same applicant will share the same Assessment Status and Results. To view the results of the PI for each applicant, you will need to log into the Administrator portion of your PI portal. Results are not viewable within your ATS

If you have Predictive Index integrated within your ATS and have questions on sending an assessment or viewing results, please contact support@exacthire.com.