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Promote a Job

To promote a job, locate the job in the JOBS view by using the available filters. 

Click on the selected job title. The Job Details tab will open. Use the PROMOTE tab to access the various job ad promote features.

Please note: the job must be in an ACTIVE status in order to use the features on the PROMOTE tab.

Automated Job Boards

ExactHire conveniently and automatically distributes the active job listing to the listed job boards.

Candidate Sourcing


The JobTarget Marketplace iFrame is enabled by default on all ExactHire accounts. Click Create New Job Board Ad with JobTarget button. The Marketplace iFrame will pop up allowing selections to be made. 

After making job board selections the user will be directed to an Additional Information page. The user will enter the additional information that is required by each job board that has been selected.

After all Additional Information fields have been completed, the user will be directed to the checkout page. Review the order and submit credit card payment information.

An order confirmation, containing the Order Id number, will appear on screen once the payment has been successfully processed. A receipt, containing the Order Id number, will be emailed to the user.

The Marketplace iFrame may now be closed. The posting information will track in the Job Board Ad history area of the PROMOTE tab showing the status of the posting, posted date, scheduled removal date, and date of removal.

Job ads are typically live on the job board 24 hours. If there is a problem with the posting or there is manual configuration required (for example, LinkedIn postings require manual setup) Support will reach out within 48 hours (this is not an SLA).

Users may contact JobTarget support at support@jobtarget.com with any problems with the integration or any questions.

Job Board Ads

To select job boards using the Job Board Ads feature click New Job Board Ad.  

Click PROMOTE associated with the desired job board to push the job to the selected board. 

Add the requested ending date of the job ad post and click CREATE.

Once the job ad has been created, posting information will track in the Job Board Ad history area of the PROMOTE tab. 

Use the More Options icon to cancel or remove the posting prior to the natural expiration of the post.

To add additional job boards to your organization's library, click Manage Job Boards

Search for the desired job board by name. Click the + ADD button for the job board to add the new job board to your organization’s library. 

Enter the requested information, typically the user name and password used to log into the job board directly, and click SAVE.

Please contact support@exacthire.com to request the addition of a job board(s) that are not currently in the ExactHire Job Board Library.

Create a Job Link

The Create Job Link (select source) feature allows for the creation of a shareable link with source tracking code that can be shared on social media or in other directly created job ads.



The Preview link will show a preview of the job information.

The Copy Link To Career Site icons will allow the user to quickly access the career site jobs page -- External and/or Internal.

Create a QR Code


Click DOWNLOAD to create an image file of the QR Code for the job. Please note that the QR code is job specific and source specific. Use this QR code on promotional posters or flyers.