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Push Job Listings to External Job Boards

Once you have made a job listing active within your ATS portal, you might want to give it some outside exposure by pushing it to external job boards.

This is an easy process. From the Job Listings tab in the Jobs dashboard, click on the megaphone icon next to the appropriate job listing title.

In the next window, you will have the opportunity to complete fields to advertise your position on Job Boards & Social Media.
In the top half of the window, there are three quick links you may use to jump to various sections further down the page.

Next, in the "Job Board Ad Title and Description" section, you'll have the ability to modify the title and text that will be placed on any external job boards. When you add a job, this area will be pre-populated with a few of the items brought over from your job template (such as job listing description, etc). However, you may optionally choose to edit this information if you'd like it to appear differently on external boards (perhaps you wish to use a different hook on job boards then on your site which has the full description).

In the "Job Location" section, the job board city, state and zip code fields should be pre-populated with location information pulled from your edit job listing page. However, you may wish to utilize this section to choose a bigger metropolitan area to expand your applicant target market (since applicants often do geographic searches on external job boards). For example, a job might be located in Carmel, IN on the career site, but you’d like to generalize it more when it gets pushed to Indeed so you might say that the job is in Indianapolis, IN. If someone views the job listing on your portal's jobs page, it will still say its located in Carmel, IN...but if they do a search for it and view it on an external board it will say its in Indianapolis. Since Indianapolis is a large metro city, more applicants are likely to search for it by name than the smaller nearby city of Carmel.

Also, you may complete fields for education and requirements as dictated by some job boards (such as CareerBuilder - which even has its own settings section on this page) in this area.

In the bottom half of the window, you will encounter the following sections:

You may push your job listing to FREE external job boards in the "Automated Job Board Feeds" section. If you've previously added any "Job Board Favorites" to your ATS portal, then you may push your listing to PAID external boards in the "Additional Job Board Push" section (NOTE: This is also the section in which you would push jobs to state workforce development offices even though those postings are typically free).

If you wish to generate a specific permalink (aka a link to a job with a source attached to it), then do so in the "Generate a Direct Job Link" section. Some clients like to use this option for advertising jobs in certain email campaigns, social media sites, etc.

Lastly, push the job listing to various popular social media sites, email and Craigslist in the "Social Media and Other Links" section. If you are interested in an automated way to post new job listings to your company's social media pages, check out these two tip sheets, too: