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Rebrand Request

To request a rebrand of your HireCentric ATS contact Support.

If your organization has updated its branding and would like its ATS page updated to reflect the new branding, email support@exacthire.com.

  • URL to your organization’s specific webpage displaying the updated branding desired for use.  If your organization is in the process of revamping its website, send the URL of the development website and/or any additional documentation that displays your updated branding.  Using either option, we can capture the content to closely replicate your organization’s branding scheme.
  • If you would rather send us a header image file, send us a .jpg or .png (preferably smaller than 50 KB) that matches the width of your ATS (no narrower than 800 px). We can then add a hexadecimal color to create a complementary or blended background for your header.
  • Date you would like your ATS rebranded.  Once changes are made to the branding of your ATS, the changes are immediately visible to your audience

Once your site has been rebranded, ensure that any Careers links on your organization’s website redirect to your ATS URL which is https://YOURNAME.hirecentric.com.

If you would like to request a rebrand of your ATS or if you have any questions about these items, email support@exacthire.com.