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Screening Questions & Scoring/Disqualification Filters

Looking for effective ways to automate your applicant screening efforts, and unearth the top, qualified applicants in the process? You should utilize scoring and/or disqualification filter options when determining questions for your application.

These filters offer a great means of screening in/out applicants based on their answers to these (sometimes called "deal-breaker") questions. For screening question ideas, click here to see a sample list or check out our blogs on the topic. Or, feel free to create your own.

There are two different types of questions on your employment application in HireCentric:

  • Standard Application Questions
  • Job Screening Questions

Standard Application Questions
Standard application questions are set up during your HireCentric implementation process by the ExactHire Client Success team. These questions are asked of all applicants, regardless of position(s) to which they apply. These standard questions do support the use of scoring and disqualification filters, though they must be set up on your behalf by ExactHire. If you didn't set up filters for these questions during your implementation process but would like to use them moving forward, then please email support@exacthire.com.

Job Screening Questions
Screening questions can be set up at any time by Admin users from within the Jobs dashboard. These questions also support the use of scoring & disqualification filters. Screening questions are attached to specific job templates and job listings and so are only answered by individuals who apply to those specific job listings. Screening questions combine to form a screening questions group, and then a single screening question group may be attached to a Job Template and/or Job Listing so that when an applicant applies for that job, he/she is automatically prompted to answer those screening questions on one of the employment application sections.

To set up a new screening question group with filters, navigate to the "Screening Questions" tab within the Jobs dashboard. Then, click on the green plus button to create a new question group.

Then, a window will appear asking you to give the group a title. You'll also want to make the group active so that it is available for selection when you add new job templates and job listings. You may optionally enter instructions if there are specific directions you'd like to provide to the applicant about this set of questions. If you'd like to use another pre-existing screening question group as a template for copying questions to this new group, then select the existing group from the "Copy Screening Questions" drop-down box. This comes in handy if you have a lot of the same screening questions across many groups and don't want to reenter the same questions over and over again when creating new groups. Lastly, click the "add new" button to save the group.

Next, a new window will appear prompting you to begin entering questions into your new screening question group. Fill out the fields indicated in the image below, and then choose which answer type will be most appropriate for your question. The available answer types are:

  • Small Text
  • Large Text
  • Drop Down Menu
  • Checklist
  • Option Button
  • Yes/No

All answer types except for the small and large text boxes allow for the use of scoring and/or disqualification filters:

  • Score - Points can be allocated to various potential answer options tied to a screening question. Then, the applicant would accumulate points/a score based on how he/she answers questions.
  • Disqualifier - You may also assign answer choices as disqualifiers should you have any questions with answer options that would automatically make an applicant not qualified for a position. This is great for use with minimum qualification questions for applicants who are subject to affirmative action plan reporting!

To set up scoring and/or disqualification filters, complete the fields as appropriate as you add questions to a screening question group. Here are some examples:



Or...both scoring and disqualification!

Once you have finished adding your desired screening questions to your new screening question group, then it is just a matter of attaching that group to the right job template and/or job listing the next time you wish to use those questions. So, when you are adding or editing a job template, make the appropriate question group selection from the drop-down box indicated in the below image.

Filter Applicants Based on Scoring/Disqualification Filters
Once you start to receive applicants for a position that utilizes scoring/disqualification filters on either standard application or screening questions, you may use various drop-down boxes when viewing groups of applicants to narrow your list. Filter results to show only qualified applicants (based on application answers and your disqualification filters) and/or applicants with a combined screening question/standard application question score of a certain minimum number.