Set up a Hiring Team

Use the HIRING TEAM tab of a job to subscribe users to be members of the hiring team and assign a Hiring Manager. 

  • Locate the job in the JOB View by using the available filters. Click on the selected job title. The Job Details tab will open. Move to the Hiring Team tab of the job.
  • Click the Pencil icon to change the Hiring Manager.
  • Click Subscribe User to select the users to be added to the Hiring Team for this job.
  • Select the appropriate stage(s) each Hiring Team Member is to receive notification. The selected Hiring Team Member(s) will receive email notification as applicants are moved to the selected stage(s). 
  • To edit a Hiring Team, locate the job in the Job View by using the available filters. 
  • Scroll to the far right to use the Delete icon to remove the Hiring Team Member, if needed.