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Share a Job to Craigslist

A job ad can be created in ExactHire ATS, and then shared to Craigslist. Locate the job in the JOBS view by using the available filters. 

  • Click on the selected job title. The Job Details tab will open. Use the PROMOTE tab to access the various job ad promote features.
  • In the Select Source menu begin typing Craigslist.
  • Select Craigslist to create the custom link. Use the Copy Link icon to copy the image to the system clipboard.
  • In a new browser window or tab open Craigslist and log into the appropriate account for the job ad posting. Select “Create A Post”.
  • Select “Job Offered”
  • Continue to select the appropriate job category(ies). 
  • On the job ad screen enter the required information: 
    • Position Title
    • Postal Code
    • Description *This is where you will add the link back to your ATS; more details below.
    • Employment Type
    • Compensation
    • Contact Information
  • To add a link in the description area of the job ad, inviting applicants to apply to the job in your ExactHire ATS, paste the Job Link from the PROMOTE tab of the job from within ExactHire. The custom shareable link will be copied to the system clipboard. 
  • Paste the link within the job ad description field in Craigslist.
  • To control the name of the link visible to the applicant in the job ad, wrap the URL in the html <a> tag. 


<a href=”https://paste your copied link here”>APPLY HERE</a>

  • Continue through the remaining job ad fields on Craigslist allowing the selection of mapping, adding images, and submitting payment for the job ad.