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Sharing a Job to Facebook

Facebook is a great option to consider when posting your job listings to social media.

Do you want to mention your job in a Facebook post? Social media is one of the fastest growing resources for an organization to utilize when the organization is adding to its human capital. Administrators and Posting Managers have the ability share a job posting to Facebook from the HireCentric ATS.

Start on the Job Board Push page (megaphone icon) for the job listing on the Job Listing tab of the JOBS Dashboard.

Scroll to the very bottom of the Job Board Push page and click on Facebook.

Facebook will open in a new tab of your browser. Log into the Facebook account that you would like to use to mention your job. This can be a corporate or personal account.

The posting information will auto-fill this page.

1.  In the “Share On Your Timeline” drop down menu select where to share the job information.
Share On Your Timeline - Share on timeline of the account you are logged into. If selected, make a selection in the “Friends” drop down (#3).
Share On a Friend’s Timeline - Share on a friend’s timeline.
Share In a Group - Share to a group on the account you are logged into.
Share In an Event - Share in an event.
Share In a Private Message - Share in a private message to a friend.

2.  Enter your own comments in the “Share something about this…” box

3.  If you select “Share On Your Timeline” please select an option in the “Friends” drop down. This selection will determine who should see your post.
Public - Anyone on or off Facebook.
Friends - Your Friends on Facebook only.
Friends except - Your Friends on Facebook excluding any name you select.

NOTE: This is social media so anticipate any posting you make to be shared with individuals and organizations outside your immediate networks.

4.  Click “POST TO FACEBOOK” to add the posting to the Facebook page.