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Sharing a Job to LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a great option to consider when posting your job listings to social media.

Do you want to mention your job in a LinkedIn post? Social media is one of the fastest growing resources for an organization to utilize when the organization is adding to its human capital. 

Administrators and Posting Managers have the ability share a job posting to LinkedIn from the HireCentric ATS.

Start on the Job Board Push page (megaphone icon) for the job listing on the Job Listing tab of the JOBS Dashboard.

Scroll to the very bottom of the Job Board Push page and click on the LinkedIn icon.

LinkedIn will open in a new tab of your browser. Log into the LinkedIn account that you would like to use to mention your job. This can be a corporate or personal account.

Once you have logged in the following box will be displayed where you will need to input additional information before fully posting to LinkedIn.

1. Keep the check mark in the "Share an update" box. By leaving the box checked, your job listing will be visible to the target audience(s) you indicate.

2. In this blank field, you can personalize your post with additional information, references to your company, or other related information you desire to post.

3. This drop down field allows you to share your post with either the Public or your Connections. If you share your post with the public, this truly will be public with individuals with whom you are not connected seeing this post and potentially accessing your LinkedIn profile. If you select Connections, this limits the viewing audience to only your (or your company's connections if posting via your company's LinkedIn page) connections. This does provide an additional layer of privacy if that is what you are seeking. However, this is social media so anticipate any posting you make to be shared with individuals and organizations outside your immediate networks. ​

4. Check this box if you want to tweet this job listing via Twitter. If you have not authorized Twitter to access your LinkedIn profile, the following box shown below will be displayed. If you choose to authorize Twitter to access your LinkedIn profile so your LinkedIn updates (professional, job listings, etc.) can be tweeted, fill in the fields below and click "Authorize app" as shown in the image below.

5. If you want to "Post to groups" in which you or your company has joined, click the checkbox to the left of that option. Also, if you want to send the job listing you are sharing with a particular LinkedIn connection or multiple connections, click the check box to the left of "Send to individuals". When either of the check boxes are checked, your update window expands as displayed below. If you select "Post to groups", then you will have the following fields available for completion.

A. Select the Group(s) in which you want to post this job listing. (required field)
B. Add a discussion title to identify the purpose of this posting. (required field)
C. Add any key details you desire. (optional field) If you select "Send to individuals", then you will have the following fields available for completion.
D. Start typing the name of the individual(s) in which you want to personally send this job listing. (required field)
E. The subject line will default to "YOUR LINKEDIN NAME wants you to see this". However, you can change the default subject line to something different. (required field)
F. You will need to type a message in this box. (required field)
G. This checkbox, which is defaulted to being checked yes, allows recipients to see each other's names and email addresses. Uncheck this box if you do not want the recipients of your message to see who else was included in the message along with their email addresses.

6. After you make your preferred selections in fields 1 - 6, click SHARE.