SnagAJob Job Board Integration Q&A

Q:  Does ExactHire ATS have an active job board feed integration with SnagAJob ?

A:  Yes - Organic XML feed only.

Q:  How is SnagAJob activated for an ExactHire ATS site?

A:  The XML feed feature will be activated for the site by the ExactHire development team at the request of the client. Email to request this feature.

Q:  Which jobs are included in the XML feed integration with snagajob?

A:  Once the SnagAJob XML feed is activated for the site the feed will show ALL jobs that are listed on the career site.

Q:  How are candidates delivered to the ExactHire ATS?

A:  Candidates are delivered via an API from SnagAJob to an endpoint in the ExactHire ATS. There is often a 10 minute delay while SnagAJob tries to calculate scores before sending the candidate information to the ExactHire ATS.

Q:  How often will the XML feed be updated?

A:  The standard run time for the feed is 24 hours. It may take longer for the job to process and load onto SnagAJob.

Q:  How do I close jobs on SnagAJob when using the XML feed?

A:  Close the job(s) on the career site. This will remove the jobs from the XML feed, and the job(s) will be closed on SnagAJob the next time the feed is updated.

Q:  How do I verify that the job is listed with SnagAJob?

A:  The option to have jobs on the SnagAJob feed from ExactHire ATS is an all on or all off option. If the site setting is on, all active jobs will feed over to SnagAJob. If unsure of the site setting, contact Client Services for verification. 

Q:  Will the source of SnagAJob be automatically tracked for my SnagAJob applicants?

A:  Yes, the ExactHire ATS will track the source of the applicant based on the URL used to apply for the job.