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Socialize Job Feed With Twitter & Facebook Using Twitterfeed

The system will periodically check your current job listings, and anytime that it finds a new job, it will post it to both Twitter and/or your Facebook wall.

With the ATS, you have the option of automatically pushing all of your job listings to a Twitter feed or to your company Facebook page wall. Once this feature is set up, the system will periodically check your current job listings, and anytime that it finds a new job, it will post it to both Twitter and/or your Facebook wall. There’s no need to manually post job listings as status updates to Twitter or your Facebook wall with this method, and job seekers will be able to share your jobs with their friends, as well as click over to your ATS to learn more about the position and apply.

To enjoy this feature, you will need to first set up a new account on Twitterfeed.com, and have the login credentials for your Twitter.com and/or Facebook accounts available. NOTE: The Facebook user account that you access must have administrator control over your company page if you wish to set up the Facebook wall post option. (NOTE: This wall post option is a different feature than our Facebook “Jobs” app which creates a separate “Jobs” tab on your Facebook page which lists all of your currently open positions in one place.)

If you would like to utilize this feature in conjunction with your ATS and your company’s Twitter and/or Facebook accounts (or your personal accounts if you recruit for your company), then this tip sheet will walk you through the process. Before you begin, make sure you have the login credentials for your preferred Twitter and/or Facebook accounts - please seek help from someone in your company’s marketing department if you do not have access to the appropriate login credentials for each account.

Why post to Twitter, in particular?

There are three big reasons why you should make sure your ATS site works with Twitter:

  1. It allows job seekers or employees to push or share your jobs directly from your careers page with their friends and connections via Twitter.
  2. It allows your organization to build a list of “followers” on Twitter and to automatically share each new job posting to that group of interested followers.
  3. Lastly, Twitter works much like a search engine from the standpoint that people may run a search, by keyword and “hash tag,” for information on open jobs. Via search, people may encounter tweets from users that they do not even follow. For example, try doing a Twitter search for #jobs #indy to see jobs tweeted in Indianapolis.  

    By using the feature described in this document, your jobs will automatically be posted to your Twitter account (pushed out to all your followers)...and become discoverable by all others who are doing specific job searches on Twitter. Here are examples of the formats in which the automatic tweets and wall posts would be displayed on Twitter and Facebook, respectively:

     How to Set it Up

    Step 1: Sign up for a Twitterfeed.com account
    Visit the site https://twitterfeed.com/users/new and create an account.  This is a free tool that links any “feed” of information to your Twitter account or Facebook wall page.  Once you have created an account, it should automatically bring you to the “New Feed” page (if not, click on “add new feed”).

    Enter in a title, such as “Job Listings”, and enter in the feed URL for your ATS subdomain.  (i.e. an ATS site URL of https://yourcompany.hirecentric.com would use the feed URL https://yourcompany.hirecentric.com/feeds/twitter.xml)

    Step 2: Adjust Advanced Settings
    Click on the “Advanced Settings” link on the bottom left and change the following settings:

    • Change the “Update Frequency” to “every 6 hours.”
    • Set the “Post Sorting” to “GUID”, and uncheck the “Feed is sorted” box.
    • There are a few other options represented in the image below, but please do take care to heed at least the above two requests.
    • One of the optional items is to filter job posts using specific keywords. To do so, check the box next to “filter your posts by using keywords to auto-approve new posts,” and then type the keywords in the field that appears. If you do not use keywords, then all of your job listings will be pushed to your Twitter feed.
    • Then press “Continue to Step 2.”

    Step 3: Link to your Twitter account
    Next, you need to link the Twitterfeed account to your Twitter account. Click on the “Twitter” button under the “Available Services” area.

    Click on the blue “Authenticate Twitter” button. This will take you to a page where you will be asked to authorize your Twitter account to work with Twitterfeed. If you are already logged into your Twitter account, you will be asked to authorize the app.  If you aren’t logged in, you may login to your Twitter account and then authorize the app.

    When you are done, you will be returned to the Twitterfeed account where you can click the “create service” button at the bottom left side of the page to complete the Twitter integration.  If you only want to integrate with Twitter, then you may stop here.

    If you want to also have your new jobs automatically posted to the wall of your company Facebook page, then follow the instructions below.

    Step 4: Integrate with your Company Facebook Wall
    You may now click on the “Facebook” button to begin the Facebook integration.

    The next page will allow you to click on the “Connect with Facebook” button, which will take you to a page to login to your Facebook account, and to then choose the company wall to which you want to push your jobs. NOTE: If you are “acting as your company” within Facebook, it will prompt you to switch to your “self” before moving forward.

    After entering your Facebook login information, you will be able to choose the company wall page that you prefer and then click the “create service” button at the bottom left to complete the process. If you have more than one Facebook wall page, you may repeat this step to push the jobs to a second wall page.

    Step 5: Finish
    Once you have followed the previous steps, click the “All Done” button to save your feed, and to be returned to the main login page.  Your feeds will now be setup, and will automatically push your new jobs to your Twitter and Facebook pages without any extra work on your part.