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Spotlight Applicants and Assign to Other Users

Spotlighting applicants and assigning applicants to Assigned Users are a few distinctive ways to draw the attention of your colleagues to specific applicant records. 

Please note that managers will only see other Users that are assigned to the same business unit/department.  

Spotlighting an applicant or group of applicants is simply sending an email note to a user(s) in your career site about an application(s).

On the Applicants Dashboard, view a list of applicant. Select the desired applicant group, by checking the box to the left of the applicant name, and then click the Spotlight icon near the bottom left of the page.

Enter comments in the Email Note field. Add the users to which you would like to send the note. Click the "Send Email" Button.

You may also Spotlight an individual applicant using the tools in individual applicant's record. Click the Spotlight icon near the middle right of the page.

Upon receiving the Spotlight email message the recipient will be prompted to log into the ATS to review his/her spotlighted applicants. Each user has a quick access "My Spotlights" link in the upper left corner. Users may also access their Spotlight list from the Home DashboardSpotlight tab.

If you have any "Assigned User" level users set up within your ATS portal, then from time to time you may wish to assign individual applicants to those users for review. The only way that an Assigned User may view applicant records is if another user has specifically assigned them to the user or spotlighted them for the user's review.

The quickest way to assign a single applicant or group of applicants to an Assigned User is by viewing a list of the applicants on the Applicants Dashboard and selecting the appropriate applicants to be assigned by checking the box on the left. Then select the appropriate Assigned User's name from the "Assign to..." drop-down box.
This is the Assigned User's view upon logging into the ATS: