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Track Manual Job Board Postings

Below are instructions on how to track manual postings.

Have you recently posted to LinkedIn, CraigsList, Facebook, Twitter, etc. and need a way to track those manual postings? 

On the Jobs Dashboard click on the Job Board Favs tab. Then add a new favorite by using the add button on the green menu bar.

Search for and select the “Posted it Myself” favorite.

Fill in the fields as appropriate, including changing the name of the favorite to reflect the location of the posting and selecting the matching source.

Note: You may select the "Posted it Myself" option as many times as needed in order to account for all of your manual postings.  ​

This option will not appear on your Job Board Push page (megaphone icon), but it will populate your Manual Posting fields in the Ad Tracking area (clipboard icon). If you post manually, click on Ad Tracking (clipboard icon) on the Job Listing tab and select manual posting. Complete fields as appropriate and click ADD NEW.

 Type: This drop down menu will list all Manual Post options that were created on the Job Board Fav tab.
Start Date:  The start date of the manual post.
Price: The price you paid for the post if any.
Currency: Box will remain grayed out.
Duration: The duration of your manual post.
Note:  Any notes to your team regarding this post.
Add URL: The URL used to post to the source.
Add Screenshot: Allows for an upload of a screenshot proof of your posting.