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Trouble submitting your application?

Help for applicants. Trouble submitting your application?

I am not seeing the screen correctly and/or some instructions seem to be missing. What should I do?
You may be using an older browser. Please upgrade to the latest version of your preferred browser (ex. Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer, etc.). You may also try clearing your cache.
I have added Employment History or Education information but do not see it listed in my application. What should I do?
You may be experiencing a caching issue. Please log out of the application, clear your browser history (all caches and cookies as well), and close out of the browser completely. Then, open a new browser to access the application again to complete.
I cannot save the edits I have made to the previous employment section. I only see options to go to the next section or return to a previous section. What should I do?
Once you make your edit, please click outside of the fields in the blank white space. This will allow the "Save" button to appear.
If I log out, will the information I have already entered be saved?
Yes, you can log out any time before you have fully submitted your application, and you will be able to log back in and make changes and complete your application at a later time. You will need to remember your email and password. However, once your application has been fully submitted, you will NOT be able to log back into the same job application.
I have filled out the sections, but the system is not allowing me to save or move forward. How can I progress?
Your session may have timed out. Please log out, close your browser to clear the session, reopen your browser, and then log back in. All of your information will be automatically saved.