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Troubleshooting with Applicants

Occasionally applicants will inquire about troubles with their employment application. On the application, there is an area (see below) where applicants may get help and view tips on the submission of their application.


The “Get Help Now” button will take the applicants to this page within your site: https://yourcompany.hirecentric.com/help/ The “yourcompany” section of this link is replaced with your subdomain.
In addition to the tips found on the help page, below are our top five pieces of applicant advice.

  1. If the page is static for 15 minutes, the system will time out (admin and applicant). Save often. 
  2. The application may be saved at any point allowing the applicant to return and complete at a later date. If the job closes prior to submission, the applicant will not be able to continue submitting the application.
  3. Sometimes submission troubles are attributable to the browser the applicant is using (particularly if the browser isn't the most recent version). For example, the applicant may be using Internet Explorer 8 instead of Internet Explorer 9. Suggest to the applicant that he or she should try using another browser like Firefox or Google Chrome.
  4. There are green check marks to the left of each section once a section has been completed.
  5. Pop up blockers should be turned off. The biggest confusion occurs in the Resume section. The applicant uploads their resume and then the system displays a pop up that the upload was successfully attached. If the pop up is blocked it appears that the resume was never attached and becomes a vicious cycle.