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Using ProScreening Background Checks

Background checks through ProScreening are available as an integration with your Applicant Tracking System. If you are interested in adding this feature, please contact support@exacthire.com.

Once the ProScreening background check integration is added to your system you will see the Integration tab available in all applicant records.

On the Integrations tab click the START PROCESS Button. A drop down box will appear. This drop down box will be pre-populated with various packages available.

Once the proper package is selected click the button to Run Background Check.

NOTE:  Order Notes WILL be visible to the applicant.

You will receive a confirmation pop up before the background check will run.

After the proper background check package is selected and ordered, the applicant will receive an invitation to complete the background check. 

The candidate will click the link in the email and be redirected to the secure website to start the process of completing the required background check information.

The candidate must choose Option #1 for electronic signing of the forms included in the Electronic Signature Consent.  

The candidate is provided with a Disclosure Regarding Background Investigation Agreement.

The candidate is then provided with the FCRA Disclosure Agreement. 

The candidate is provided with a Disclosure for Investigative Consumer Reports agreement.

The candidate will select employment and resident state in the State and City Notices.

The candidate must then electronically sign the Acknowledgment and Authorization for Background Check with their name and last four digits of their Social Security Number. 

The candidate will enter his/her basic information needed for the background check. The core information for the applicant (name, address, etc.) does flow forward from the ATS so the candidates will not re-enter that information.

NOTE: The SSN and DOB of the candidate are entered directly into the secure background check platform and are not saved in the ATS.

The candidate will be provided the Order Notes, as entered in the ATS during the initiation of the background check.

After the candidate clicks the SUBMIT button they will see the confirmation page indicating that the forms were completed. This page includes the candidate's unique confirmation number and contact information for the employer and background check provider. 

The candidate will receive an email confirmation of the background check order as well.

While the background check information is processing, the current status and a link to the details of the check can be viewed and accessed through your ATS on the Applicant Record, Integrations tab. Adverse Action option are available when the check is complete.

Once the background check is complete the ATS user who requested the background check will receive an email with the link to the report.

Sample Report:

ATS User Access to ProScreening Features
ATS Users must have the proper settings defined in their user settings to order background checks and receive notifications. The notifications come from the email address noreply@applicantemail.com. You may need to have your IT department whitelist the email address make sure your email service is not blocking smtp.sendgrid.net.

The ProScreening settings are defined on the Users Dashboard within the individual user settings. Click the magnifying glass next a users name to edit their HR Fuse/ProScreening Settings. Click UPDATE PERMISSIONS when complete.
HR Fuse/ProScreening Tab of the Reports Dashboard
Administrative users will have access to the HR Fuse tab of the Reports Dashboard which allows for reporting on multiple background checks simultaneously.