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Using Selective Hiring Assessments

Selective Hiring Assessments are available as an integration within the Applicant Tracking System. If you are interested in adding this feature please contact us at support@exacthire.com.

Once Selective Hiring Assessments are added to the ATS the options to assign an assessment to a job listing or send the assessment request to individual applicants will appear in the tools.

Add an Assessment to a Job Listing

New options will appear at the bottom of the Job Listing form, under the TEST TYPE heading, allowing the assessment to be assigned per job listing. These settings will trigger an automatic invitation to the applicant to complete the assessment based on the selections made.

Assign:  Select the assessment to correspond to the job listing from the available assessments.
When to Give:  Select when to have the applicant notified of the assessment.
Give Test Info For Short Applications?: Select whether or not the assessment should be used connected to the 2 Step Application, if applicable.

Send an Applicant an Invitation to Take Assessment

An individual invitation to take the assessment may be sent to the applicant from the Integration Tab of the Applicant Record at any time. The Selective Hiring heading will appear on the Integration Tab. Select the appropriate assessment from the Invite Applicant to Take Assessment drop down menu and click SEND INVITE. The applicant will receive an emailed invitation to access and complete the assigned assessment.

View Assessment Results

Results of the completed assessments will be found on the Integration Tab of the Applicant Record. Click the "Click to View Full Report" link under the basic results to view the full details of the assessment results.