Using Selective Hiring Assessments

Selective Hiring Assessments are available as an integration within ExactHire.

Options to assign an assessment to a job or send the assessment request to individual applicants will appear in the Jobs and Applications areas.

Add an Assessment to a Job for All Applicants to Be Invited

  • To add an assessment to a Job, while working within the specific job access the Integrations area.
  • In the Integrations area, under HR Fuse and Selective Hiring the user will select the appropriate assessment from the drop down menu. Click SAVE.
  • The selection of an assessment in this area will allow an automatic invitation to be sent to the applicant upon their completion of the application.
  • Confirmation of the added assessment will appear on screen.

Send an Individual Applicant an Invitation to Take Assessment

  • An individual invitation to take an assessment may be sent to the applicant from the HR FUSE area of the Applicant Record, at any time. 
  • In the HR FUSE area, the Selective Hiring tab is available. Select the appropriate assessment from the Assessment Invitation drop down list and click SEND INVITE. The applicant will receive an emailed invitation to access and complete the assigned assessment.

View Assessment Results

  • The assessment score will remain in Pending status until the applicant completes the assessment. Users may send a reminder to the applicant using the SEND REMINDER button.
  • Results of the completed assessments will be found in the HR FUSE area of the Applicant Record. If the applicant has completed multiple assessments, the user will select the desired assessment from the Assessment Results drop down list. 
  • Users may access the various tabs of the results to pull information for Score Report, Detail Report, and Interview Guides as well as Print the report.