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Using the Status Milestone Checklist

Applicant status labels can be used to describe your applicants' progress through the hiring process, as well as reasons why an applicant may not be qualified (aka dispositions).

Your organization may have a few statuses in particular that are more important than others...or, perhaps they are milestones that you like to keep a close eye on during the interviewing process. Consider adding these few statuses to your status checklist in the ATS. Here's how:

Navigate to the Statuses tab within the Settings Dashboard. Note in the image below that there is a "Checklist" column on the far right that will indicate whether or not an existing status has already been added to the status checklist. To add more statuses to the checklist, either click the magnifying glass next to an existing status, or add a new status using the green plus sign button.

When adding or editing a status, click the "On Checklist" button to add it to the status checklist for your portal and then select "Update."
Once you are satisfied with the select group of your applicant statuses that have been added to the checklist, you're ready to put it into use. To see a specific applicant's progress through these milestone statuses, navigate to an applicant record and click on the clipboard icon near the middle right part of the page:
A window will pop-up to display only the statuses that are a part of your status checklist. It will detail the date that any of these statuses have been assigned to this applicant, which users assigned them, and also allow you to make any one of the statuses the current status for the applicant by clicking the "Make Current Status" button.
If your user login credential has the optional Edit Status Date feature enabled, then you will also see the pencil icons (as in the image above) next to each status. Click a pencil icon to edit the date that a particular status was assigned. Any changes you make to assigned status or status date will flow through and update in other areas of the applicant's record, as well.