Why is my job not on Indeed?

The ExactHire ATS will share all jobs, in an ACTIVE status, to Indeed as a free post. This external board can have a significant impact on the number of job seekers who see and apply to the job(s). 

This XML feed is shared to Indeed several times every day. Indeed will then review the job and company information shared in the XML feed and post the jobs that meet their posting standards. Please allow up to 24 hours for approved job ads to be live on Indeed.

Indeed has provided helpful information regarding their posting standards in these articles:

*Indeed: Job Posting Guidelines

Indeed: Job Posting Tips

Indeed: Recruitment-Based Companies

Indeed: My Job is Not Shown on Indeed

Jobs may be excluded from posting on Indeed for a variety of reasons, see Indeed: Job Posting Guidelines. The two most common reasons are:

  1. The job does not meet Indeed’s standards specific to job title. Indeed’s posting guidelines state “Leave clickbait and extraneous job details out of titles.”* Job titles which contain these types of details will be rejected by Indeed’s free feed. Other combinations or patterns of words may result in the job being rejected as well. Please see How to Exclude a Job From Posting to Indeed for more information on these combinations and patterns.
  2. Jobs are duplicated onsite. Job information is shared directly with Indeed in the XML feed. If the job is shared to Indeed again from another source or by direct posting on Indeed duplication will occur. Duplicate postings, and in some cases all posting, will be dropped from Indeed.

For additional information regarding what might prevent job(s) from being posted on Indeed, visit Indeed's blog