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Add CareerBuilder as a Job Board Favorite - Account Method

The ATS has a web services integration set up with the Document Post Interface (DPI) for the job board, CareerBuilder.

For clients with our Premium Job Posting feature enabled, they may take advantage of the ability to automatically push jobs from the ATS to CareerBuilder using their existing CareerBuilder corporate account and pre-purchased CareerBuilder job credits. The benefit of this feature is that it eliminates the need for clients to log into CareerBuilder separately to manually post jobs; thus, avoiding redundancy in your job posting process.

Here's how it works...

Step 1:
If you have an existing corporate account with CareerBuilder (companies generally do this to get a better per posting price by buying more than one job posting credit at a time), contact your CareerBuilder rep. to request what's called a "CareerBuilder bulkposter/DPI username/password." This will be an additional login credential attached to your CareerBuilder account and devoted to the ATS use only (i.e. you should never use this username/password to post job listings manually outside of the ATS -- if you do, any jobs posted manually with this credential will be deleted should you also push them later on from the ATS). There’s no additional cost from CareerBuilder to request this additional account login, and it will usually be associated with a generic email such as bulkposter@yourcompanydomain.com.

Now, Steps 2 - 5 below are recommended so that you can make sure the CareerBuilder rep. has set up the new login appropriately.

Step 2:
Login to your corporate CareerBuilder account to verify that the additional bulkposter user information has been added. NOTE: You may use your regular personal CareerBuilder login credentials to do this verification step:

Step 3:
Then, select the "MyCareerBuilder" tab and click on the "My Account Info" option in the drop-down box.
Step 4:
Select the "Account Users" tab and then verify that the new bulkposter login credential has been added by your CareerBuilder rep. If it has NOT been added, then click the "Add User" button.

Step 5:
Make sure that this new user has been granted permission to only Add/Edit Jobs for your account. If necessary, click Save. *NOTE: This new bulkposter user will be used only for your ATS portal.
Step 6:
Login to the the ATS Admin area:
Enter your HireCentric Username and Password.
Step 7:
Click on the "Jobs" icon (if not already in the Jobs Dashboard) and select the "Job Board Favs" tab. Then, choose the green (+) icon.
Step 8:
Type "career" in the Search by Keyword text box and click "Search." Then, click on the "Select" link to the left of the CareerBuilder job board option that utilizes the "Account" method. *Disregard the $0.00 price listed, as you will be using your own CareerBuilder account contract price.

Step 9:
  • Choose "CareerBuilder" from your Source drop-down box. If for some reason that source is not yet listed, it must be added to the "Ad Source" tab within your "Settings" dashboard.
  • Enter your Contract Price with CareerBuilder if you’d like to track this information in the ATS; or, you may enter zero.
  • Supply the new bulkposter username and password.
  • Select the confirmation check box.
  • Click "Add New."
Your company CareerBuilder account is now linked up with the ATS and you may post any of your jobs to CareerBuilder with an easy click of a button! Just click the megaphone icon next to any job listing within the "Job Listings" tab, and you will your CareerBuilder account as a new option in the "Additional Job Board Push" area.
Click on the job board, use the arrow key to move it over to the "pushed" section, and click the save button. Your posting will generally be on CareerBuilder within hours depending upon the time of day it is pushed (CB is faster to post than other boards because of the direct integration).

CareerBuilder Branding Options
There is also an option to incorporate your company's branding into your job listings on CareerBuilder. If you have agreed to this feature with CareerBuilder, please notify your ExactHire representative so that they may gather the appropriate codes and deliver those to the programming team.