OnboardCentric & HireLink - Help with Payroll

OnboardCentric offers an add-on Chrome Extension with HireLink.

HireLink only works as a Chrome Extension and helps transfer the information that has been collected within OnboardCentric to your payroll provider’s online platform. 

ExactHire will send an email invitation to your team to download the Chrome Extension. 

Once you download the extension to your browser we will have a set-up call with you and help guide you through the process of mapping your OnboardCentric data to your payroll provider’s platform. After the initial set-up is completed, you will be able to easily transfer data for your new hires. 

To populate your payroll system, you login to your payroll provider, activate the HireLink extension, and locate the employee that you want to send to payroll. 

HireLink will automatically populate the payroll system with the data that has been collected within OnboardCentric. The information available for transfer will be visible in the pop-out HireLink window appearing on the right-hand side of the screen. This includes, but is not limited to, the following: Name, Address, Date of Birth, Social Security Number, Start Date, Hire Date, Job Title, Employment State, Gender, Race, Marital Status, Phone Numbers, Emergency Contact Information, Federal Filing Status, Payroll Information, and Direct Deposit Information.


Known payroll providers that work with HireLink include the list below but it is possible that other vendors would work: 

Asure Software


iSolved - Quick Hire

iSolved - New Hire


Paylocity - Onboarding

Paylocity - WebPay

Workforce Go





Employee Navigator

Enter Time Online (Kronos)