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Update Employment Application Language Related to Criminal Record History to Comply with Washington (state) Fair Chance Act, RCW chapter 49.94

Existing ExactHire ATS clients that employ individuals in the state of Washington should take measures to comply with Washington's Fair Chance Act, RCW chapter 49.94. 

Effective June 7, 2018, covered public and private employers may not include any question on a job application that seeks information about an applicant’s criminal record.

If your employment application includes question(s) related to an applicant's criminal record history, then please consult with your employment attorney whether the wording of your question(s) is compliant with state and federal laws as ExactHire does not provide legal counsel.  It is important that you know the state regulations on collecting applicants' criminal history data for EACH state in which you hire.

Should you need to change your application language to become compliant, please email us at support@exacthire.com with your desired wording for the criminal history related question(s).  Based on your existing application, we will create a new application using the language you request in order to be compliant.

NOTE: If you need different versions of your application to comply with laws across different states in which you hire, we can absolutely accommodate that as the ATS supports multiple external applications.