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User Login Permissions Comparison Matrix

Use this guide to quickly compare the difference in feature permissions available to various types of users in HireCentric.

This info sheet is meant to be a supplement to the User Levels in HireCentric article. 

X = automatic for all users at this login level
Opt = optional; may be toggled on/off per individual user at this login level

Feature Master Admin Basic Admin Posting Mgr Non-Post. Mgr Viewing Mgr Assigned User
Available in accounts with only one branded jobs portal/URL address   X X X X X
Available in accounts with more than one branded jobs portal/URL address X X X X X X
Access ALL administrative features for ALL job portals associated with an account. X          
Access ALL administrative features for ONLY job portals associated with an account that are specifically assigned to the user   X        
Reports Dashboard - including all standard reports, Report Builder, EEO/AAP-related reporting capabilities, and site analytics related to visitor trafficweb sources and search engine referrals. X X        
Settings Dashboard - including ability to add/edit/delete job portal pages/links, classifications, business unit names, ad sources, applicant status namesemail templatescandidate rating labels, and surveys. X X        
Users Dashboard - including ability to add new users, deactivate users, modify assigned requisition approvers and overwrite user passwords. X X        
Create Job Screening Question Groups X X        
Create Job Templates X X Opt      
Create Job Listings X X X      
Manage Applicants - can update status codes for applicants that are assigned (either by biz unit or individually) X X X X   X
View All Applicants - can view applicant records and current assigned status for records that fall within assigned business unit(s) dependent upon user type X X X X X  
View Other Jobs to Which Applicant Has Applied - specifically, jobs that fall outside the user's assigned business unit(s) or individuals...cannot, however, view details nor status of individuals' other applicant records unless Admin-level user X X X X X Opt
Create Basic Notes on Applicant Record X X Opt Opt Opt Opt
Create & View Admin Notes on Applicant Record X X        
View Answers to Questions Marked Admin Only on Standard Application X X        
Copy Applicants to Other Jobs - jobs to which user has access based on business unit X X Opt Opt    
Edit EEO for Manually Added Applicants - applicants to which user has access based on business unit X X Opt Opt    
Process Approved Requisition Forms Opt Opt        
View & Submit Requisition Requests Opt Opt Opt Opt Opt Opt
Layer of Approval for Requisition Requests X X X X X X
Edit Applicant Source Data Opt Opt Opt Opt Opt Opt
Edit Applicant Status Date Opt Opt Opt Opt   Opt